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Camping: Hyatt :: Startup: Big Company

Tony Davis has a great blog post comparing life at an established “large” company and being part of a small startup.

The best analogy that I can find is that being in an established company is like staying at the Hyatt while a startup is comparable to going camping....I am talking about backpacking in the wilderness with just your tent, food, utensils and a collection of some of your closest friends. And remember, you are camping not because you want to, but because you don’t have any real money to spend, otherwise you would be staying at the Hyatt!

...The universe of employable people who have been through a true startup experience is extremely small. I often meet individuals who insist that they understand startups because in their previous company, they operated a separate division or that that they were part of a small business unit or that they joined a company when there were only 40 employees. After a short period of time “camping”, they realize that they were in fact just part …