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"Customer Service: Competitive Advantage" - Article by Sanjay Anandaram

Last Friday morning, I was again painfully reminded of the importance of quality customer care. The WiFi router at home started misbehaving. The internet, which for many of us, is as important as sadak, bijli and paani was suddenly inaccessible. I called customer service of the country’s largest telecom service provider and was treated to some great signature music composed by India’s most well known music composer. I was then informed by a woman- automated voice of course – what my bill amount was and then after pressing a series of buttons was again informed what my bill amount was. I was then told that if I wished to speak to a human I would be charged all of 50 paise. I punched the button signaling my acceptance. I was then again treated to some more great signature music which was interrupted by a human voice. Finally. Very politely, the voice took down my complaint (I mentioned that I suspected that the router itself was malfunctioning), ve…