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The Highly Effective "Dear CEO, Please connect me to the appropriate person" Cold Email

Extract from a Mixergy Masterclass titled "How to use cold emails to make sales – with Bryan Kreuzberger" (emphasis mine): do you find the decision maker and get them to hear you out?

Use the Waterfall Technique 

Go directly to the top.

When Bryan wanted to pitch Best Buy, he wrote separate emails to the director of marketing, the VP of marketing, the CMO, and the CEO. “I know the CEO of Best Buy isn’t the right person for me to talk to,” says Bryan. “But I can put together an email that is crafted from [their] perspective. They’ll just delegate it. And now [the person the CEO delegates to] has to take my meeting.”

Bryan says this technique uses the company’s hierarchy to your advantage. The request is coming down from the CEO to the manager, much like water flows down a waterfall. And if the CEO asks an employee to do something, they have to do it. In the case of Best Buy, the VP of marketing emailed Bryan back, asking him to present to six executives, who he says he …

"Customers speak the truth through their wallets"

From a Mixergy Masterclass with Mike Michalowicz on how to specialize, fire bad customers and systematize your B2B business.
“If you have more than four or five competitors, [your offering is] way too broad,” says Mike. “You can be a heart surgeon or you can be a general practitioner.

...Let your customers decide on your specialty . “I believe people speak the truth through their wallets,” says Mike. “What I care about is the ones who spend and buy from you repeatedly, the ones that generate the most revenue and pay the quickest and show you through their actions that they truly value you.” Once you’ve identified those customers, get inside their heads. “You need to understand their market as best as you can, perhaps even better than they understand their own industry, and then cater to it.”
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