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Employee Attrition - By Sanjay Anandaram

I received am email from the CEO of a company that had just lost a few employees. These ex-employees had apparently started a competing company. Here’s an extract from the CEO’s mail:

“ Why does this happen? Another example is Wipro… there are so many ex-Wiproites with their own companies now. I also know of an education institute called Vignan in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Today there are at least 10 similar sized institutes, which are started by ex-Vignan staff.
• Does it happen because employees don’t get to grow in their companies? But this may not be true in Wipro?
• Does it happen because employees have seen the 360 degree of running a company and are now confident?
• Is it good for the companies?
• Should we take measures to stop this happen to us?”

Well, people leave their jobs for multiple reasons – emotional, professional, social and economic. What do employees seek in a job in the first place? Various studies have been conducted that generally converge on the following needs of emp…

"Best Advice I Ever Got"

Business Today recently had an interesting cover story featuring various entrepreneurs, CEOs and other prominent personalities on the best career advice they have received. I liked the following a lot:

Venu Srinivasan, TVS Motor Company

Take risks but one at a time
“I have received much advice that has had a profound impact on me both as a person and as a leader. My personal friend and philosopher, Prof. Lord S.K. Bhattacharyya, Head of Warwick Manufacturing Group, has had an enormous influence on my growth as a business leader. His advice: never take more than one risk at a time. He typically classifies risks into people, markets and money—three legs of a tripod. If you take more than one risk, the tripod loses balance. For instance, he would say only when you have a strong team and a stable market, can a financial risk such as an acquisition be attempted successfully. In the early part of my life, my father and uncles played an important role in teaching me the TVS values—trust, integ…

Speaker Lineup for APEX '09 Summit & Awards

We are delighted to announce a stellar list of speakers for APEX '09, the Indian Private Equity Summit, scheduled for February 4 at Mumbai. The Annual Summit brings together the cream of the Indian Private Equity/Venture Capital-Entrepreneur Ecosystem to introspect, brainstorm on the way forward and reward its best.

Confirmed Speakers at the Summit include:

Executives & Entrepreneurs

R. Sridhar
Shriram Transport

R. Subramanian

R. Ravimohan
MD & Regional Head
Standard & Poor's

Goutham Reddy
Ramky Group

PE/VC Investors

Varun Sood
Managing Partner

Subbu Subramaniam
Baring Private Equity

JM Trivedi

Sunil Kolangara
Director-Private Equity
UTI Ventures

Senthil Kumar
Real Image

Ishan Raina
OOH India

Service Providers

Rajesh Begur

Click Here to view the event agenda.

For Participation details, email or call +91-44-45534303

Company Culture - By Sanjay Anandaram

The recent case of Satyam Computers trying to use its cash reserves to acquire the two infrastructure companies held by the promoter’s sons is certainly news worthy. Not because it was an unusual – far from it, especially in India! – but because it was withdrawn thanks to angry protests by shareholders. Corporate governance, ethics and reputation were the casualties in this case.

A friend of mine was till recently a senior executive in a family owned financial services company. He worked long hours, was extremely diligent, cost conscious and highly conscientious. One day, he decided to leave the company in pursuit of better prospects. The chairman of the company tried to talk my friend out of the decision. He was told how well he was doing, how highly he was thought of by all and was offered additional responsibilities. My friend took some time to think through the decision. After 2 weeks, his decision remaining unchanged, he informed the chairman of his desire to leave. Then, thin…