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Do You Know The "Speed" Type of Each Team Member?

D. Shivakumar of Pepsico India has a nice presentation type summary in Founding Fuel from the book "Move Your Bus" by Ron Clark. The book classifies team members into high performers ("Runners" - who consistently go above and beyond what is required.), the dependables ("Joggers" who do their jobs well without pushing themselves), average workers ("Walkers" who just get pulled along) and deadweights ("Riders" - who put their feet up and slow down the whole enterprise).

Here from the slides are the characteristics of "Runners"...
Runners bring positive energy Runners carry the load and provide momentum. They come early to work, never complain and bring a positive energy. Runners go for excellence Runners are driven by the goal of professional excellence and take pride in contributing to an entity that wants to be top notch. Their impetus to work hard isn’t led by personal accomplishments, but is more about the good of the orga…