September 28, 2016

Argh! How do I get my content to go viral?

Content marketing has been a great and effective way to acquire customers. One question that all entrepreneurs ask is how to create viral content. In this Ink Talk, Sattvik Mishra, Scoop Whoop shares his lessons and the thinking that drives stories at ScoopWhoop.

Reality - Not all content goes viral - "while we had some wins, most of them were duds" he recounts. Why do some content go viral?

While traditional media hasn't changed - newspapers, websites, apps are all just versions of what editors want readers to read, content consumption has changed. e.g. While newspapers decide what news to put up on what pages, social media feeds are deciding for consumers what to consume.

News is very subjective - for a millennial a Game of Thrones episode would be a huge thing, while there are people who don't follow it. To be relevant to your targeted audience - you need to listen to know what they are talking about and what they'd like to talk about.

The most important sauce to content - EMOTION - happiness, anger, surprise, fear just anything! - without creating that emotional connect, content doesn't go viral.

e.g. He talks about how ScoopWhoop covered Rupi Kaurs's response to Instagram for removing her photo:

The article questioned notions of patriarchy which evoked anger, disgust - and was read more than 9 Million times.

Only X can write for X - a 20 yr old can't write for 40 yr old nor the other way - which is why diversity in a team is very important.

Make news relatable - Here he share how ScoopWhoop made youngsters read about the budget:

He shares "you can make something as boring as the budget and make it as interesting as the budget if you make it more relatable."

This doesn't mean you could just use the above lessons and continue to make viral content - you need to change and evolve with your audience.

September 13, 2016

How Indian Entrepreneurs can build for the Mass Indian User: Ankur Singla, Helpchat

In a ET article, Ankur Singla, CEO of Helpchat shares where Indian Entrepreneurs are failing at building for Indian masses:
"My hypothesis is that most Indian entrepreneurs and product managers build products for people like themselves - elite and westernized Indians who think and speak in English. This is also why almost all Internet companies fight it out for the first 10-20 million internet users.
However, the honest truth of the Indian internet market is that to build a large Internet business, you need find a way to build for the 200 million common Indians."

How can Indian Entrepreneurs build for Indian masses ?

1. Go out, talk and relate to the COMMON MAN.
"One weekend, I took all product managers in our team to Church Street in Bengaluru and we spent four hours talking to security guards, waitresses and small business owners. You need to see their phones, their home screens and understand their behaviour. All of them mooch off the Starbucks internet; a guard uses Uber to pick up his family from railway station, a waitress wants news about her hometown and a business owner needs more content around jobs."
2.  Stop Westernizing the product/service and Embrace the Indianess
"think about Maslow's hierarchy of mobile needs. Think about basic aspects of the phone - battery, data usage, phone space, balance on their phone." 
He shares about Chinese company UC Browser - "most readers of ET would think that Chrome is a great mobile browser until they see how UC Browser has built a download manager, optimised for Facebook messages and reduced data usage (all features super important for the common Indian)."
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