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Why a VC Pitch Should be like a James Bond Movie

From a blog post by Aaref Hilaly of Sequoia Capital titled "How to Present to Investors":
Everyone who watches Bond loves the opening sequence, before the titles come on. There’s suspense, action, and unbelievable stunts – in essence, those first 5 minutes bring home why you love Bond, and that keeps you going through the next 2 hours of nonsensical plot twists.  In the same way, you need to convey the main reasons why an investor should love your business in the first 5 minutes. We found the best way to do that is to open with 3 slides:  1.What’s changed? Explain what’s the discontinuous shift, break-through, or innovation that opens the window to create a substantial new company. 2.What you do: A one-sentence explanation of what your company provides to capitalize on that big change. It still surprises me how often we can get 20 minutes into a meeting without a clear picture of exactly what a company does. 3.Fast facts: Lay out the key metrics for your business: when were…