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Under Promising & Over delivering is for Amateurs?!

Clearly, our entrepreneurial ethos and role models are going through a massive generation change. The quotes from Infosys founder N.R. Narayana Murthy that entrepreneurs in the 1990s took to heart included:

``Under promise and over deliver. Investors respect this.'' (On why Infosys gets the kind of valuations it does) 

"Revenue is vanity; profit is sanity; cash is reality"


"PSPD: Predictable, Sustainable, Profitable and De-risked"

Cut to 2015. Mukund Mohan, Head of Microsoft Ventures, writes:
Amateurs under promise and over deliver. They are the ones I hear always complain about valuations. They fail to realize that the “professional” entrepreneur friend they have is growing at an insane rate, but they choose to only compare “valuations” and dilution. And what do the "Professionals" do to make "investors chase them"?
Professionals over commit and outperform. They are the ones that get the best valuations and are diluting very little. …