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The Venn Diagram to Winning

The diagram seems to implicitly point out that that the best way to Getting the Best of All Worlds (the #Win zone) is through Entrepreneurship. How else can one "Live a Dream" and get paid massively for it? If things don't work well in that zone, the Entrepreneur can most probably move to the "Rich but Bored" zone! :-)

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Entrevista with Cosmic Circuits Founder Ganapathy Subramaniam

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Interview with Ganapathy Subramaniam, Founding-CEO of Bangalore-based semiconductor tech company Cosmic Circuits. (Cosmic was acquired in early 2013 by Silicon Valley-based, Nasdaq-listed electronic design giant Cadence.) The interviewer is fellow entrepreneur Chandu Nair.

The Podcast can be downloaded from here.

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Reading the Wind
How Ganapathy, as part of visiting customers in October 2012, realized that Cosmic Circuits could no longer remain an independent company. (Its customers and partners wanted a strong Number 2 player in the segment to provide a balance to the Number 1 player, Synopsis.) 

Making the company Due Diligence ready
How Cosmic's decisions to rope in a Big 4 audit firm (just five years into its existence) and go in for an ISO certification, stood it in good stead when it came to due diligence at the time of its acquisition. Ganapathy advises…

Entrevista with Palem Srikanth, Founder of logistics software maker Four Soft

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In this audio interview ("podcast"), Palem Srikanth shares his amazing entrepreneurial journey - from a Stanford educated logistics executive with Hewlett Packard to returning to India and starting a Dosa restaurant chain to the tough lessons from making cross-border acquisitions to the recent sale of the logistics software business (to US Private Equity firm Francisco Partners-backed Kewill) for about Rs.275 crores.

The Podcast can be downloaded from here.

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Importance of Financial Strength in the Enterprise Software space
How persistence and investing in technology (to ensure Four Soft's products
 were cutting edge)  provided the maximum return - much more than the expensive acquisitions the company made 
Managing the confidentiality of the transaction involving a listed company - so that there is no misuse of insider information to trade in the stock