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"Revamping Practices" - Article by Sanjay Anandaram

I received a letter by courier yet again last week from a well known financial institution. It took me a while to reach the letter since the envelope in which the letter was enclosed had been fortified by no less than 9 staple pins. In addition, the envelope was tightly sealed with gum and two strips of sticky tape. I finally retrieved the letter but not after some cursing and a bruised finger. This was the nth such letter I had received from the company, complaints notwithstanding!

Why did this company deem it fit to send me a letter that was so cumbersome (not to speak of, painful!) to retrieve? Clearly, security for their letter was a high priority but was it necessary? Did they pause and think about their customer’s experience at all? Am not sure they did because then they might have considered emailing me the letter. Or were they simply following an age-old practice mandated in response to a case where someone’s letter was pilfered? In all probability, a ritual that had come into…

Speaker Lineup for APEX '10 Summit

We are delighted to announce a stellar list of speakers for APEX '10, the annual conclave of the Indian Private Equity / Venture Capital industry, scheduled for February 4 at Mumbai. This edition of APEX will have a special focus on Education, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telecom and Financial Services (especially financial inclusion).

Speakers at the Summit include:

Varun Sood, Capvent
Ashish Dhawan, ChrysCapital*
Raja Kumar, UTI Ventures*
Vani Kola, NEA-IndoUS Ventures
Manik Arora, IDG Ventures India
Anand Sudarshan, Manipal Education
K. Ganaesh, TutorVista
Rajesh Bhatia, Tree House Education
Sunil Kanoria, Quippo Telecom
Mahesh Choudhary, Microqual Techno
Dr. Bala Manian, ReaMetrix
Swapan Bhattacharya, TCG Lifesciences
Chetan Tamhankar, SIRO Clinpharm
S. Nandakumar, Perfint Healthcare
Padmaja Reddy, Spandana India
V.P Nandakumar, Manappuram General Finance
Madhusudan Menon, Micro Housing Finance

For Participation details, email or call +91…