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The Secret to Entrepreneurship and Parenting... Patience & Keeping at it

From the post by Eric Ortiz, founder of Moblish (emphasis mine):

The only way to build a company with staying power is by doing – by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Every day is a series of micro wins and micro losses. Some days you are up. Some days you are down. Some days you pull an all-nighter. Some days you pull back-to-back all-nighters. Some days you are sick. Some days you are tired. Some days you are discouraged. But you keep showing up. Seven days a week, 365 days a year.
There are no breaks for startup entrepreneurs. Parents know the feeling. When you want to sleep in and your toddler wakes up at 5 a.m., sleep time is over. Your kids are counting on you to feed, clothe, shelter and buy them stuff. As an entrepreneur, the startup is your other child.And you keep showing up. The same temperament is required when finding a UX designer takes weeks, not days as you thought it would.
Arun Natarajan is the Founder & CEO of Venture Intelligence, the leading pro…