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Why it maybe a good idea to (slightly) undercompensate your best people

If increasing pay doesn't work to motivate and retain your best people, what will? Try paying them less advises Atul Jain, CEO of US-based analytics firm Teoco. Extracts from the Business Line article by Teoco country head Srinivas Bhogle:
The gratitude that you think you’ve earned after giving a hike or a bonus fizzles out very quickly. Within a matter of weeks the employee begins to take his ‘new’ compensation or incentive for granted.

...instead of slightly over-compensating our employees, we slightly under-compensate them. If this sounds crazy, hear how Teoco’s CEO Atul Jain explains why it might work. He says, “Assume that I’m the CEO, and let’s see it from my perspective. I see the under-compensated employee as offering me more value. I’m therefore always a little more cognisant of his concerns and requirements; and my sense of fair play forces me to offer him the more challenging or lucrative projects. So he usually ends up getting much better projects and learning the ha…