February 13, 2004

Do and Don'ts of Networking

"Networking is about serendipity...The more places and times you are meeting people, the more likely it is that you'll find what you're looking for," says Kevin Laws, a VC at US-based August Capital, in his posting at VentureBlog.

"It's about making your interests and needs widely known (a new job, companies to invest in, people to hire, money to raise) and listening to the interests and needs of others. Because of the FOAF concept ("friend-of-a-friend"), you are likely to run across somebody who needs what somebody else you know is offering. Eventually, that person will be you," he adds

Other extracts from this article will is full of useful "how to network" tips:

Networking is a process, not a goal, and should be done constantly rather than only when you have a specific need.

People at networking events are often there to meet others, plural, not just one person. They want to pay attention to you briefly then move on to meeting somebody else.

Whatever you do, don't waste the opportunity by seeking out the people you already know well or spending your time at the drink counter.

Don't get overly hung up on any particular contact. Remember, networking is about serendipity not persistence.

If you want advice, ask for money; if you want money, ask for advice...Try a much softer method.

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