March 02, 2005

Policy Nonsense

Terry Gold has a great post on how "Company Policy" is something that ends up irritating customers and employees rather than provide order to the business.
..There are other meanings to the word "policy." It can be used to mean "I don't want to hear your problems or your opinion." It can mean "I'm not even going to tell you who made up this rule. It wasn't me, and if I did know who to talk to about it, I'm not in a position to try to get it changed." At its worst, it can mean "tough, go away if you don't like it."...

...We don't have a lot of policy at Gold Systems because I think most issues are best handled with the latest facts and the best judgment. To try to create Policy in advance of a situation is very difficult. I'm all for process, guidelines, plans, principles, but for me Policy is too limiting in most situations.

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