August 12, 2005

"There's no risk in attempting or working for a start-up"

Sunil Goyal, who is with Gurgaon-based mobile content technology start-up Wirkle (where all employees blog!), has a great post on why he thinks more people in India can now afford to venture beyond wage slavery:
I think there is NO risk at all. And if any to the minimum. My perspective to this question is "What's the worst situation I can be in ?" May be I loose out on money, spent months on something which didn't work, may be at the end I don't have a job. I can't think of a more worse situation, if you can please do let me know..

On the other hand, any one who joins a startup will have steep learning curves both in technology and management, see how small startups need to work, how product has to be conceptualized, developed, deployed. Everyone in the team works for that. One enjoys the journey which might be bitter at times. Experience and the work that one learns, I think a corporate environment lacks that dynamism. So you can learn in 6 months what you will do in an year or even two within a big company.

So Where's the loss?

If startup worked, you would reach a prominent position. Will gain all the attention. Even if it didn't work, you will be more bold than before, will have more experience than others, will rise ahead from your peers. And getting job is never a problem, atleast the way current job market is moving in India.

I couldn't have said it better. In fact, this is what "The Startup Journey" is all about. Thanks Sunil.

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