October 09, 2005

What's so great about being the founder of a start-up?

"Genuine VC" David Beisel has a list of "Seven Reasons To Become a Founding Entrepreneur", including

Creation. The essence of a founder’s job is to create something where there was previously nothing. An idea becomes a plan; a plan produces a product; a product launches a company. To me, the notion of conceiving and building something both tangible and real is paramount.

..Variety.The title “Founder” is function-agnostic. Sure, someone may be a technical founder or a founder with expertise & a formal leadership role in another function (sales, marketing, etc.), but during those exciting early days everyone is wearing many different hats. The diversity in the tasks required of someone in this role necessitates that there is rarely a dull moment.

Control. Many jobs leave the much of one’s destiny to the group he/she works in, the company he/she works for, etc. Obviously, there are extraneous unmalleable factors with everything in life, career paths are no exception. But a founder is in a unique position to be largely in control of his/her own destiny like few other roles allow.

Passion. A founder with authenticity doesn’t just conceptually understand the problem being solved or value being created, he/she believes and knows it. This deeper resonance produces a reward and benefit that potentially overshadows the others.

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