November 10, 2006

Brad Feld on demos

VC Brad Feld has a couple of posts on demo-ing here and here. (Read the interesting comments on his post as well.)
I learned - early in my first company – that the first 15 minutes of a meeting will make it or break it. I learned how to do a great demo – even if it was simply my sales pitch on a white board or flip chart. This meeting reminded me how important it is for a young company (and a MatureCo) to be able to nail their demo and do it quickly.

...I much prefer “top down” demos – these are ones that approach the demo from a user / use case perspective. Show me what the software does and why I care, not how it does it. So, rather than start at the top left menu choice and go through each feature (usually starting with “creating a new account” which I never have to see again in my entire life), walk me through a use case that is relevant to me and is populated with a complete and interesting data set. Occasionally, I’ll have a “how” type question, but then it’ll be in the context of a use case, rather than a technical feature.

I will sure pass this advice on to the companies who would selected to demo at the Venture Intelligence DEMO sessions.

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