May 24, 2007

Jason Calacanis interview on Venture Voice

Venture Voice has a cool interview with Jason Calacanis, one of my favorite media entrepreneurs. (The Venture Voice web site/RSS feed seems to have mixed up the audio link for the Jason interview with that of Garage Tech Ventures' Guy Kawasaki. The text of the interview with Jason is here.)

Here are some of tips offered by Jason in the interview:

Don't waste money on office space. Offices are good at creating two things: commute and politics. What's important for a start-up is people who get things done.

Thank god for a down market! Weblogs inc. It was started in 2003 - today it is so hard to get your new blog noticed about the noise

Always start your venture by working weekends and nights - so that the basic stuff like company formation, etc. are done and you have a couple of customers before you plunge in full-time.

Hire salespeople who are confident enough to take their pay only in commissions.

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