June 26, 2013

When an employee feels his/her job is "monotonous"/"boring" and would like "a change"

You can point to the articles by Prof. Sreekumar Rao in his Economic Times columns here
If your life is mechanical, it is because you have made it so. Human beings have a great capacity for making anything and everything routine and eventually, 'boring'. ... Why do you go to your 'mindless' job? It is likely because it gives you a paycheque. With this paycheque - inadequate as you may feel it to be - you support your family, pay your rent, save for retirement and entertain yourself. At some level, you know this. At some time, you were aware of this. But this knowledge has become buried in layers of the 'routine' that you now complain about. Dust off this knowledge and bring it to the forefront. Keep it there.
and here
Your knowledge of your current industry gives you an edge that you can use. In every industry, even the shrinking ones, there are some companies that are growing and gaining market share. What can you do to make your company one of these? What I hear in your question is that you are concerned about your personal prospects. This is independent of company prospects. One of my students joined a company whose major distribution partner decided to become a competitor. Sales nosedived. While people were being laid off in droves, he was promoted rapidly and many times in succession. And no, he as not the hatchet man prized for this ability. He was simply very creative and came up with all kinds of ways to both increase revenues and contain costs. So he was quickly identified as a 'keeper'. See what you can do to become a 'keeper'. You will not only increase your 'job security' but will actually find more fulfillment as well.

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