July 27, 2007

IT formulae for the Biotech industry

Thursday's (26th July) Economic Times, under Southern Compass carried a profile of Anuradha Acharya, the CEO of Ocimum Biosolutions. A few excerpts:

.. With support from her husband and some funding from friends and family, she founded a bio-solutions IT company in 2000. In a year's time Ocimum was on a roll, providing some of the best software in the industry for Library Information management Systems(LIMS) and bio-informatics. Its two blockbuster products - Genchek and Biotracker - made Ocimum Bio a landmark company in this segment.

"There is a gradual shift in the market from servicing scientific researchers and academicians to offering solutions to some big-ticket pharma players and we are constantly developing capacity and capability in this direction," Ms Acharya said.

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