August 16, 2013

Whe is an Employee Ripe for a Promotion

From an article by Avery Augustine in The Daily Muse:
1. They Have the Numbers to Back Them Up

...I’ve found it helpful to have some sort of tracking measure in place to stay aware of employees’ performance, like a spreadsheet to keep track of project closures and client feedback. This will allow you to see patterns emerge (e.g., “Jennifer always manages to exceed her sales goal during the last week of the month”), so you’ll be able to immediately pinpoint the employees who should be on track for promotions.

2. They Don’t Clock Out at 5 PM

...Pay attention to the employees who are willing to jump in wherever (and whenever) they’re needed. This doesn’t mean they always need to stay late—but it’s nice to know that in a pinch (and when given more responsibility), they won’t leave you or their clients in the lurch.

3. They Voice Solutions Instead of Complaints

...In doing this, your employee is proving that he or she is ready to step up and take responsibility for what goes on with the team and help everyone succeed—instead of complacently accepting whatever happens by chance and not doing anything to change it.

..4. They Seek Out Opportunities to Share Knowledge

..5. They Further Their Own Knowledge

..6. They Ask for Feedback—and Take it Well

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